Edward R. Pantridge

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A computer scientist/software developer, passionate about using machine learning and artificial intelligence in ways that will transform how we create and use technology.

Enthusiastic about connecting with people and collaboration. Always looking to be a part of more awesome projects and teams.
Location: Massachusetts, USA
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Studied computer science from high school through undergraduate. Researched under professor Lee Spector at Hamsphire College. Focused studies on artificial intelligence and machine learning. Read more.
Work Experience
Worked as developer on small mobile development team. Supervised group of peers for summer child care program. Internship at small video production company as an engineer. Read more.
Many programming languages, devolopment methodologies, version control, office software, native english speaker. Read more.
Personal Projects and Research
Machine learning research, software applications, mobile apps, games, websites and more.
Hosting live internet shows, producing internet video content, musician, and more.


Hampshire College (B.A. in Artificial Intelligence)
Teaching Assistant for the following courses:
  • 342 | Statistical Learning
  • 263 | Artificial Intelligence
  • 307 | Game Development Workshop
Unofficial Transcript:
  • 352 | Big Data
  • 319 | Interdisciplinary Game Project
  • 303 | Unconventional Computing
  • 291 | Software Engineering
  • 287 | Artificial Neural Networks
  • 263 | Artificial Intelligence
  • 262 | Research in AI
  • 254 | Genetic Programming
  • 231 | Microprocessor & Assembly Language
  • 212 | Programming W/Data Structures
  • 204 | Physics I
  • 200 | Independent Study - Convolutional Neural Network Facial Recognition
  • 200 | Independent Study - Ci-Lab Research Group (Spring '15)
  • 200 | Independent Study - Ci-Lab Research Group (Fall '14)
  • 200 | Independent Study - Ci-Lab Research Group (Spring '14)
  • 200 | Independent Study - Ci-Lab Research Group (Fall '13)
  • 184 | Creative Game Design
  • 180 | Design Fundamentals
  • 153 | Intro Discrete Mathematics
  • 131 | Calculus I
  • 105 | Interactive Web Documents
Computational Intelligence Research Group

Member of professor Lee Spector's research group over the course of 6 semesters. The group works on research in artificial intelligence, artificial life, and a variety of intersections of computer science with other fields. The group has been developing a system for complex genetic programming, as well as a system for artificial life simulations.

Student Groups

Glow Lime: Game Development Initiative, Hampshire Gaming Collective, Blacksmithing Guild

Needham High School (High School Diploma)
Notable Courses:

AP Computer Science, 20th Century Physics, Statistics

Work Experience

Fay Games (June 2015 - Present)

Member of a 4 person development team making a smartphone application. The application is an educational game, which was written in C# and ran on the Unity Engine. Responsibilities include advising the team on the technical direction of the project, writing application code, and providing feedback on user experience.

Needham Park & Recreation (June 2010 - August 2014)

Director (Summer 2013 - Summer 2014)
Supervised four paid employees and four volunteers for an eight week period in a town recreation program for 30 three to five year old children. The program consisted of two, three hour sessions, per day, and ran five days a week. Responsibilities included daily planning, interfacing with parents, inventory management, developing creative and engaging activities for participants, leading staff meetings, reporting to management, collaborating with other directors.

Counselor (Summer 2010-Summer 2012)
Worked on a team of Park and Recreation employees to run summer programs for children ages three to ten. Responsibilities included engaging parents and children, facilitating activities, collaborating on daily planning

VideoLink (January 6th, 2015 - January 20th, 2015)

Spent two weeks working as a member of an Agile Scrum Team learning Agile Software Development, and Scrum methodology. The internship covered one sprint from start to finish, where I aided the development of a web application as a QA tester. VideoLink Website.
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Email EdEddieEdster@gmail.com to get in touch!


Programming Languages

  • Python
  • Java
  • Clojure
  • C#
  • R
  • Lua
  • Javascript
  • HTML, CSS, & jQuery

Git Version Control

Agile Development & Scrum

Office Software (Spreadsheets, presentations, word processing)

Native English Speaker

Personal Projects and Research

Clojure library to create, train, and run artificial neural networks. Intended to eventually usalize Push Genetic Programming to impplement a N.E.A.T. like system of evolving the network topologies. Code.
Pucks is an Artificial Life simulator created by Lee Spector . My involvement has been to improve the systems performance, and design a system to handle forced transactions (or violence) between the agents.
Python implementation of Push. Push is a stack based programming language, which features a different stack for each data type, including code. Push is designed to be easily synthesised by genetic programming systems.
YouTuber's Best Buddy
A in-development desktop application that is intended to be used by YouTube content creators who would like more automation in their workflow.
Pick It Out!
A simple mobile application to help users made decisions by providing a simulation of flipping a coin, rolling 1 or 2 dice, or putting up to 8 options on a spinner. Code.
Evolving Orbits
A python application that used the DEAP machine learning package to find stable planetary orbital patterns. The system uses a genetic algorithm to optimize initial positions, velocities, and masses of planets that do not collide with each other when run through a gravity simulation. Code.
Erra Digital
Erra Digital is a website that serves as the home to all my digital projects. The site also features a gaming blog which consists of game reviews, industry news, and other articles. To site.



Host live streams at Twitch.tv. Also, maintain a YouTube channel. All channels have a combined following of approximately 10 thousand followers.

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